Magazine notes: How to get ahead

· Make a work to-do list the day before.

· Get a full night’s rest (min 8 hours)

· Avoid hitting snooze.

· Exercise (before work or during the work day).

· Practice a morning ritual.

· Eat breakfast.

· Arrive at the office on time.

· Check in with their boss and/or employees.

· Tackle the big projects first.

· Avoid morning meetings.

· Allot time for following up on messages.

· Take a mid-morning break.

Why High Intensity Interval Training Can Match Endurance Training

Short bursts of just a few minutes of exhausting physical activity can prepare muscles to work harder, boosting the production of new mitochondria (powerhouses of the cells, generating the energy that our cells need to do their tasks), which culminates endurance enhancement much like more time consuming endurance training.

The research included male subjects who cycled for 30 seconds for maximum-exertion, followed by 4 minutes of rest and repeat this routine 6 times altogether. Twenty-four hours after the test, tissue samples of their thigh muscles were taken and revealed an increased rate of free radicals, showing that just a few minutes of intense exercise is all it takes for benefits to kick in.

via Scientists Discover Why High Intensity Interval Training Can Match Endurance Training – The Latest News.