The ideal professional development: “Personal, Actionable, Accessible”

  • Face to face: hands on learning and involving in person interaction
  • On the road: travel enable us to engage with other librarians, in a dedicated setting
  • Make it real: personalized, challenging, brainstorms
  • Picture perfect:

“I think it’s a good bet for the folks leading development of learning experiences for library folk to consider incorporating more on-the-ground, face-to-face interaction when planning meetings or conferences.

Public libraries of all sizes and budgets could surely benefit from a clearly articulated strategy for conference attendance, ways to seek funding, and an equitable chance for all to attend.

Finally, facilitators, trainers, and consultants should develop content that not only challenges but provides outcomes and takeaways based on participation and a “think tank” atmosphere.”

Source: Personal, Actionable, Accessible | Office Hours


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